March 10, 2021


It has certainly been a very different home-selling environment since Spring 2020. Success despite challenges has always been the mantra of CB New Homes. No matter the market, the circumstances, or the obstacles, CB New Homes has been delivering solutions for over three decades.

At 365 Ocean, for instance, a boutique building offering just 57 luxury oceanfront condos in Long Branch, New Jersey, traffic and sales were humming along. The model homes had been receiving rave reviews by enthusiastic homebuyers since opening in October 2019, and over 50 percent of the residences were sold.

And then the pandemic hit.

In early March, the governor ordered real estate agents to stop showing houses to prospective buyers on a one-to-one basis and prohibited open houses. That meant sales were basically dead in the water.

Or not.

Enter CB New Homes’ own Patrick “Ted” Hanley, Builder Representative at 365 Ocean and 2020 NJBA Salesperson of the Year.

CB New Homes: Remarkable Success Despite Unprecedented Challenges
CB New Homes figures out how to overcome obstacles every day

Not one to let an obstacle—even one as serious as a pandemic—stop him, Ted got right to work figuring out how to continue the forward momentum he’d built at 365 Ocean.

During a year that presented challenges on so many levels for everyone, Ted developed innovative strategies for selling homes—a business that historically has relied on in-person visits and building trust—designed to calm prospective purchasers’ anxiety about their safety. It was a tall order. But Ted was undeterred.

The result? Fewer than 10 residences out of a total of 57 remain at 365 Ocean. Success despite challenges.

How did he do it? You can read all about it here.

In addition to Ted’s story of remarkable professionalism and dedication, we’ve previously written about how the CB New Homes team has adapted to ever-changing home sales and leasing realities here and here.

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