February 9, 2022


CB New Homes’ virtual tools showcase the possibilities of every home in your portfolio with the greatest flexibility. They help show off your community to best advantage even if you don’t have a merchandised model home or your community is still in its pre-construction phase.


Traditionally, a builder’s lack of a fully furnished model home has been a significant disadvantage, but there are times when model merchandising is just not in the budget. In these circumstances, CB New Homes can digitally stage their client’s homes.

The process of taking a high-quality photo of an empty room or space and digitally adding photorealistic furniture and décor is known as digital staging. Digital staging allows you to create a vision of the perfect home without the investment in physical furniture and space dressing. Importantly, digital staging software can change the look of almost any space, allowing the builder to cater to their specific target audience and market.

A prospect’s ability to use their imagination to see how your property might work for their lifestyle is a very uncertain thing. With digital staging, no imagination is needed.

Among the other compelling benefits of this virtual tool are:

Cost-effectiveness. The price of digital staging services is 1% or less of the least expensive physical staging budget.

Fast delivery. It typically takes about a week to complete the digital staging. 

Flexibility. The ability to try on multiple interior styles, apply changes, and use photos in multiple ways.

Simplicity. We turn photos of empty rooms into explorable model homes viewable from anywhere.

Virtual tools drive sales

Click on the photo at right to see some before-and-after examples that illustrate the power of this virtual tool.


For larger communities with more substantial marketing budgets a virtual tour may be in order.

Virtual tours are an excellent way to make a powerful connection with prospective purchasers and lessees—especially during the pre-construction phase or when in-person visits to your community are not possible.

Here’s a peek at the virtual tour we created for 365 Ocean, the New Jersey Builders Association’s Mid-Rise/High-Rise Community of the Year in 2021 and 2022:

Why do virtual tours work? These statistics are telling.

54% of buyers now won’t look at a property if they cannot view virtual images. Can you afford to lose half of your target market simply because you don’t offer virtual tours?

According to a Redfin-commissioned survey of more than 1,900 homebuyers across 32 major real estate markets conducted in November/December 2020, 63% made an offer sight unseen on a property. That number is twice the number from the previous year.

Not to be discounted is the emerging market of 18- to 34-year-olds, who are 130% more likely to buy a property with a virtual tour. As Millennials and Gen Z become a larger percentage of home buyers, the demand for virtual and mobile real estate services is increasing. These generations have come to expect virtual options for nearly everything, and home buying is no exception.

And finally, a Planet Home study reported that “Real estate listings featuring virtual tours are clicked on 40% more often than those using still photos alone. When asked, 75% of all prospects surveyed said that they preferred virtual tours to assist in the decision making process.”

Impressive numbers indeed, and ones that should not be ignored.


Real estate isn’t about selling buildings, it’s about selling a lifestyle. Both virtual tours and digital staging allow you to showcase the possibilities of every home in your portfolio with the greatest flexibility. These tools sell homes more quickly, and at a cost that fits the marketing budget of almost all new home communities.

Let’s talk about how CB New Homes can bring your new home communities to life with virtual tours and digital staging. Contact us today at 1-877-559-1302 or info@cbnewhomes.com.