CB New Homes and CB Rumson Team Sell Out New Oceanfront Condos

July 14, 2021

CB New Homes and CB Rumson Team Sell Out New Oceanfront Condos

CB New Homes works closely with Coldwell Banker local offices to create a winning new home sales program for its On-Site Builder Representative, the local CB listing agent, the builder/developer, and the homebuyer. A great example is 365 Ocean, Mark Built Homes’ oceanfront condominium community in Long Branch, New Jersey.

How CB New Homes Works with Coldwell Banker Local Offices

CBNH’s On-Site Builder Representative Ted Hanley worked hand-in-glove with local Coldwell Banker Rumson office associate Kevin Guilford to sell out the 57 luxury residences at a $1.3M average sales price in less than three years. As Builder Representative, Ted was responsible for conducting all sales at the property and interfacing with the builder/developer. Kevin served as the Broker Liaison responsible for raising awareness of the property to the brokerage community—both Coldwell Banker and non-Coldwell Banker REALTORS®.

How the CB Local Office Associate Works With the Larger REALTOR® Community

CB New Homes works closely with Coldwell Banker local offices
Broker Liaisons work closely with the REALTOR® community

As the Broker Liaison, Kevin conducted extensive broker outreach to area REALTORS® so 365 Ocean was top of mind when they had clients interested in an oceanfront residence. This process included listing the property in MLS, coordinating the Realtor Grand Opening event, sending eblasts to area REALTORS® and promoting 365 Ocean on Kevin’s social media platforms. When a REALTOR® was the procuring cause of a sale at 365 Ocean (16 sales!), Kevin was compensated. In addition, a post-sale meet & greet for all new residents was hosted by Ted and Kevin.

“A big part of my job was positioning 365 Ocean in a way to entice local agents to bring their clients to this property as opposed to other competing complexes in the area,” Kevin says. “This was achieved partially by discussing the simplicity of the process: once an agent registers their buyer with Ted, they can literally walk away, knowing their buyer is in good hands and on their way to owning a beautiful oceanfront home. They don’t even have to attend the closing unless they want to. My relationship with Ted made this process easy right from the start. More importantly, that same smooth process extended to the cooperating REALTOR® and to the homebuyer, as well!”

Creating the Ultimate Win-Win

The strength of Kevin and Ted’s relationship helped drive sales within 365 Ocean and created additional opportunities for both Kevin and Ted, who worked diligently to provide all non-represented parties with top tier service. When Ted had an interested purchaser who first needed to sell their current home, he referred them to Kevin. Kevin then either listed the home for sale or, in the case of individuals from out of the area, referred the listing to an appropriate Coldwell Banker office. When there were buyers who found that 365 Ocean was not the right fit for them, Ted referred them to Kevin, who then sought to find them the home of their dreams elsewhere.

This unique collaboration created an additional income stream for Kevin, while providing Ted with another source of qualified prospects for the community he represented—and, most importantly, every buyer received a seamless and professional experience with two topnotch real estate specialists. It’s also a win for the builder/developer as they not only receive the benefits of CBNH’s new home sales expertise, they also benefit from the reputation of the local Coldwell Banker office within the REALTOR® community.

Choosing the Ideal CB Local Office Associates to Partner With

When asked how CB New Homes finds the right local Coldwell Banker agent to partner with, Ted explained it this way: “CBNH consults with the Local Office Manager to identify someone with the hunger, the skill sets, the mindset to succeed, who knows the area and has the right attitude…Kevin had all those qualities.”

After meeting several times with CBNH Vice President Dave Schoner and Director Sheryl Ritschel to discuss how the process would work, Kevin knew it was an outstanding opportunity and was excited to get started.

Ted summed up the collaboration this way: “What we’re trying to offer buyers is a turnkey solution. Whether you’re ready to buy, or first need to sell your current home, or even if you find our builder’s community is not for you, we can make your homebuying experience simple, professional, and seamless. You’re dealing with ONE organization—the Coldwell Banker organization—and we all speak the same language. There’s an efficiency in both dollars and time that come with that kind of partnership, which proved to be very appealing to the 365 Ocean buyer, as it is in the many other new home communities we represent. And we make it as easy for the local agent as it is for the buyer. We know how busy other brokers are, even those with assistants. If they can bring in their client, great; if not, a phone call to register their client will do. We do the rest of the work so the broker can go back to servicing their other clients. They get their commission at the end of deal. What could be easier?”

Kevin’s experience is just one way CB New Homes works closely with Coldwell Banker local offices, helping CB local associates build their brand and their business. Contact CB New Homes at info@cbnewhomes.com to find out what CB New Homes can do for you!