Allure at Green Brook Broker Registration Form

Completion of this registration is to protect you as the procuring cause for a lease at Allure at Green Brook by this customer.

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Thank you for introducing your customer/client to our site.

It is the policy of Coldwell Banker to invite and encourage Realtor Associates in the leasing of Apartments and as such, we have established guidelines to foster mutual understanding.

  1.  We require that you register your customers via this registration form prior to their initial appointment. We are unable to honor any other method of registration.
  2. We cannot offer you registration and commission protection if the customer has already contacted (i.e., called, visited, emailed and/or submitted a web lead) the site prior to your introduction. Please note that the receipt of this form does not
    constitute a waiver of this condition.
  3. Registration valid from one year from the date you registered your client.
  4. This registration form shall only apply to this property and no other properties. If the customer should inquire or request information about any other properties, this registration form shall not apply.
  5. If the customer signs a lease at Allure at Green Brook, commission due to you will be paid to you by Ferruggia Associates following successful move-in of tenant.

Please note that while Ferruggia Associates Staff members are capable of leasing the apartment and bringing the subsequent transaction to a satisfactory conclusion, we would expect your cooperation and assistance when solicited.